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sky street retail. retail express

So sky street retail a subsidiary of retail express australia close in the uk ,after a couple of years of empty promises of upgrades to their latest australian version

They didnt even have the courtesy to say sorry , and only gave uk users a month to replace epos and online systems.

A month is not long enough for a small business to review and contract to a new epos and online supplier.

In fact only giving a small business a month is really damaging, its a huge amount of work to replace a system like this

And this is despite numerous enquiries about when the upgrade will come, empty promises of road maps and localisation

and the pathetic excuse that its because of gdpr ... if retail express australia are not going to comply with gdpr that means that none of their current customers

in australia can have any contact with EU customers.

Do I sound annoyed ? yes i bloody well am ,retail express australia as it was at the time made a complete bollocks of our initial epos/magento link that took 3 months to sort out.

the magento link was proper buggy , url rewrites creating thousands of od urls, bit of the epos didnt work at all.

they left us hanging around waiting for the promised v3 for a couple of years , with magento 1.7 , when they could have told us ages ago , and we could have moved on

basically it was an old furniture system that had bits bolted onto it

retail express australia could easily have given us 6 months notice , all we got was an email that the spam filter rated 9 ... kinda sums it up


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