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Nomads Clothing

Nomads think of clothing as a form of self expression ~ that's why they cover different tastes ~ from hippy chic to gothic and beautiful partywear. The detail in traditional dying and embroidery gives Nomads' clothes a handmade feel that's only found in Indian made fashion.
Over the past 20 years Nomads has been bringing you clothing without compromise, where standards are met to comply with fair trade guidelines. Nomads have always held the policy of “trade not aid”, believing that this is the best way to help maintain a sustainable and profitable living for the producers, the suppliers and you.
More recently, Nomads have been working towards finding new ways to reduce the environmental impact their products have on the planet. Organic cotton is now more available to them and they are happy to increase this range yet again for the new collection. Sunrise is thrilled to be stockists for this fine range of women's clothing.

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