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Collections at Sunrise Direct

Gringo purple sunflower print genie pants
Ethical and Fair Trade Collection
Emma's Emporium blue & gold embroidered ethnic style handbag
Boho and Hippy Collection
Ethical & fair trade blue mosaic coasters
Festival Collection
Ethical & fair trade pink boho metal round drop earrings
Gothic Collection

At Sunrise, we love to celebrate difference, and we like to think that this comes through in the variety and depth of our collections. We don't just cater for one style. Whether you are all about the boho hippy vibe, or you are passionate about showing off the gothic style, there will be something for you in our collections. We have everything from hippy scarves to festival skirts, fair trade accessories to tie dye hats and more. What brings these collections together is that they all come from independent brands. These are brands such as Gringo, Siesta, Emma's Emporium, and many more, whom we have a great deal of love for. Whatever style you want to explore from our range of clothes and accessories, you can be sure that a lot of passion has gone into making these items which are full of the energy and character that can only be found when you keep it independent.

Boho hippy wear collection

If boho hippy clothes are your thing, then we are your people. We love the style of hippy trousers and hippy tops, not only for their relaxed comfort but also for the joyful colours and intricate patterns. This is just the case with the range of boho hippy clothes we have available from the likes of Gringo, Siesta and Shared Earth. Take a look tooo at the Boho Hippy dresses from Emma's Emporium and you will see rich and vivid peacock style patterns and colours that will be sure to light up any room. As well as the hippy dresses & skirts, you will also find some cute hippy dungaree & jumpsuits which are pretty much outfits tailor-made for fun. Throw one on and enjoy not only the bohemian style but also the ultimate comfort and ease of movement.

We would recommend that you cap it all off with some boho hippy accessories. These will be there to add those little touches of additional detail to your boho hippy outfit. These accessories include embroidery bags, leaf cluster earrings and blanket scarfs complete with delicious floral embellishments. Explore our whole stocks at Sunrise Direct and you will be able to get your hands on everything from hippy hats to hippy gloves, so that you can keep the mood full of love for whatever the scenario. If you are looking for some practical accessories for when you are on the go, then make sure to take a look at Gringo's range of hippy bags and hippy purses. These handmade accessories are practical as well as beautifully designed, with colourful hemp fabric acting as the star of the show.

Festival collection

We love the mood that can be created simply by sticking on some festival clothing. Whether you are getting ready for some outdoor fun, or you simply want to get into that free spirited mood, you can't beat some boho festival clothing. We have lots of hippy festival clothing in our collection for men and for women. These clothes are made for only the best of vibes. Whack on the classic Hawaiian shirt and bucket hat and let the good times roll. You can make sure the hat matches your outfit perfectly. The range of bucket hats includes all sorts of colours, from pink and purple to green to black and white checks and beyond. As well as the festival bucket hats, there are lots of other fun festival accessories which always help to get into the party mood. This includes festival face glitter, festival hair colour dye and henna kits - complete the festival makeover with these touches of glittery colourful magic. Throw in a festival bum bag and you should be ready to go!

If you are at a festival, you will not only need your festival dresses and skirts to look the part, but you will also need your handy festival bags. There are plenty to choose from in our collection from Siesta. Whether it is a cute little hip bag or a larger satchel style bag, you will be able to have it with you going from stage to stage and back to the tent without it causing any strain, thanks to the clever and compact designs. The dazzling colours will then combine gorgeously with your cute boho tops and dresses, enhancing your style of fun festival vibes!

Many of the items such as the festival dresses and skirts will not just be great for festival scenarios, but also for chilling out in the sun with friends. The colourful festival leggings will also be ideal for lounging just as much as for having some fun times in the sun. The festival trousers range from tie dye genie pants to velvet flare; these are items of clothing that can't help but make you smile when you put them on. Plus, it is not just about the sun and the summer heat, as there are also some fleece lined festival coats and jackets which will be perfect for when the sun goes down.

Ethical & Fair Trade collection

As a store which makes connections all over the world with skillful and passionate independent craftspeople, we are always keen on showcasing as much fair trade clothes and sustainable fashion accessories as possible. Whether you are treating yourself, or looking for a treat for someone special, our range of ethically made gifts will be perfect for any conscientious shopper. We have ethical presents available from highly skilled and passionate craftsmen and women from all over the globe, and because these are fair trade gifts, you know that they are being justly rewarded for the work that they put into these highly creative and original pieces of handcraft. Whether it is the sustainable fair trade clothing or the fair trade accessories, these items are not the kind that you can easily find, and as a result they will be sure to make an impression.

We are big fans of the ethically made earrings we have in this collection. Many of these designs are not only ethical thanks to the fact they are fair trade, but also due to the fact that they are made in an ecological way. You will find for instance some highly original and trendy sustainable earrings which have been made out of recycled bottle tops. This ethical and fair trade jewellery would serve as a lovely gift to someone special. Browse the full collection and pick out some favourites from range which includes wooden and metal elephants, beaded hummingbirds, and feather dreamcatcher earrings.

Tie Dye

The clue is in the name with us: we are fans of that sunshine feeling! Perhaps nothing else quite represents that feeling as well as tie dye accessories and clothing. Our collection features the very best of this joyously sunny style, with plenty of tie dye clothes for men and for women, including many eye-catching tie dye t shirt designs. Have a look through our range of tie dye outfits and you will see that there are some stunningly bright and cheerful tie dye skirts and tie dye tops to choose from. Some of our favourite tie dye dresses and skirts have been made by the good people of Siesta. Their range of tie dye clothes for women is full of gorgeous options such as pocket and ditsy dresses which are flowing, light and ideal for the summer festival look. In terms of the tie dye trousers, make sure that you check out Gringo and Siesta's fab tie dye leggings.

Tie dye is often to be worn in the sun because it matches the bright and cheerful mood of the summer. With that being the case, you are going to need something to keep that sun out of your eyes. This is where the tie dye hats come into play. Pick up some tie dye bucket hats and you will have yourself an effective protection from the sun's rays, whilst you also have a playful festival style accessory that can shake up any outfit.

More collections at Sunrise Direct

But that is not all, as there are many other collections of styles which you can explore at Sunrise Direct. Our gothic collection for example is the place to be for all sorts of exciting pendants, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more. On the other side of the colour palette, if your thing is rainbow themed accessories, then we very much cater for you too. From dream catchers to wall hangings to kitchen accessories, there will be plenty of items in our collection which will allow you to give your home a mulicoloured twist.

We realise that your choice of accessory is not just about how it looks, but also about your values and your lifestyle. This means that we make sure to have a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian accessories too. None of these items, whether they are boots or patches, have been made using animal products or in a way which harms animals in the process. On top of that, there are also some products such as the funky 'vegan' iron on patches which will be there to help you represent the cause in style! If you are all about living in balance and exploring spirituality then you will also be pleased to see our chakra collection which includes everything from pendulum bracelets to chakra guidance books and dreamcatchers.

Velvet Flares - Various Colours Velvet Flares - Various Colours
44 in stock
Velvet Flared Trousers 96% Polyester  4% Elastane Cold wash for best results.
11 Bell String 11 Bell String
4 in stock
11 Bell String This stringed sets of 11 tinkling little bells is made in India. Perfect for hanging or wearing. Approx: 100cm Origin: India
Palm Tree Hawaiian Shirt--- ALL DESIGNS Palm Tree Hawaiian Shirt--- ALL DESIGNS
£11.99 - £13.99
82 in stock
Palm Tree Hawaiian Shirt Various colours available 100% Rayon Cold wash for best results.
Bullet 69 - Triple Row Pyramid Stud Leather Belt Bullet 69 - Triple Row Pyramid Stud Leather Belt
6 in stock
Bullet 69 - Triple Row Pyramid Stud Leather Belt Black leather belt from Bullet 69 with triple rows of pyramid studs. Adjustable buckle fastening. Available in three sizes.
Camper Van Hawaiian Shirt Camper Van Hawaiian Shirt
1 in stock
Camper Van Hawaiian Shirt Various colours available 100% Rayon Cold wash for best results.
Waterfall Hawaiian Shirt Waterfall Hawaiian Shirt
9 in stock
Waterfall Hawaiian Shirt Various colours available 100% Rayon Cold wash for best results.
6 Bell String with Rainbow Beads 6 Bell String with Rainbow Beads
7 in stock
6 Bell String with Rainbow Beads BB2 This stringed set of beads and bells is made in India. Perfect for hanging or wearing. Approx: 95cm Origin: India
Bio Glitter Chunky Bio Glitter Chunky
In stock
Chunky Bio-Degradable Glitter Perfect for Face, Hair and Nails Pair with our Stargazer Fix Gel for long-lasting stick! (Net Weight 3g)
Element No Pressure SS Tee Cream Gold Tie Dye Element No Pressure SS Tee Cream Gold Tie Dye new
6 in stock
Element No Pressure SS Tee Cream Gold Tie Dye This cool tie dye t-shirt from Element has the "No Pressure" print on the front. - short sleeves - organic cotton jersey fabric [160 g/m2] - classic, comfortable regular fit - crew neckline - screen print design on front - tie-dye treatment
Element Watching SS Tee Festival Fuchsia Element Watching SS Tee Festival Fuchsia new
4 in stock
Element Watching SS Tee Festival Fuchsia The Watching t-shirt is part of the Element Timber! range. - short sleeves - organic cotton jersey fabric [160 g/m2] - classic, comfortable regular fit - crew neckline - graphic screen print design on chest and back - Festival Fuchsia tie dye colourway
Bio Glitter Fine Bio Glitter Fine
94 in stock
Fine Bio-Degradable Glitter Perfect for Face, Hair and Nails Pair with our Stargazer Fix Gel for long-lasting stick! (Net Weight 3g)
Stargazer Glitter Fix Gel Stargazer Glitter Fix Gel
17 in stock
Glitter Fix Gel Easily applied with attached brush-sponge. Long-lasting wear but also washes off with soap. Best paired with our Stargazer Bio-Degradable Glitter
Alchemy Aegishjalmur Pendant Alchemy Aegishjalmur Pendant
2 in stock
Alchemy Aegishjalmur Pewter Pendant The Viking rune stave also known as the Helm of Awe, is a powerful, magical, Norse defensive protection symbol used as an amulet against physical or mental dangers. Originally, this stave would have been incised onto the front of a warrior's helmet, or drawn upon his forehead, to confront his adversaries fearlessly. The exceptional quality of this piece will com…
Alchemy Alchoboros Pendant Alchemy Alchoboros Pendant
1 in stock
Alchemy Alchoboros Pewter Pendant From the classical Greek henosis, the Platonic belief in mystical 'unity' or 'oneness', and Omega, the last letter of the alphabet meaning "great O", denoting the end. Could this symbolise the greatest oxymoron, the end of eternity? An ouroboros for the dark soul within you. A pewter ouroboros eternity ring pendant in the form of an 'alienesque' spined vertebrae w…
Alchemy Anguis Aeternus Necklace Alchemy Anguis Aeternus Necklace
1 in stock
Alchemy Anguis Aeternus Pewter & Swarovski Necklace This eye-catching pewter dragon pendant is sure to turns heads, if they dare gaze upon the Anguis Aeternus (the Dragon of Eternity) holding the shimmering, faceted crystal of life. The pewter dragon pendant encircles a large, iridescent Austrian crystal and hangs from a 21" (53cm) trace chain. H: 56mm W: 54mm D: 16mm Weight 27g (Please note neckl…
Alchemy Awaiting the Eventide Necklace Alchemy Awaiting the Eventide Necklace
2 in stock
Alchemy Awaiting the Eventide Pewter Necklace This roosting pewter vampire bat is patiently Awaiting the Eventide, anticipating the welcome dusk and the flight into darkness ... Thisvampire bat hangs upside down from  a 21" (53cm) trace chain. H: 42mm W: 13mm D: 10mm Weight: 18g Please note necklace jewellery dimensions exclude the fastenings. Made in the U.K. by Alchemy England from fine English…


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