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Gothic Pewter Jewellery

Aegishjalmur Pendant Aegishjalmur Pendant
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The Viking rune stave also known as the Helm of Awe, is a powerful, magical, Norse defensive protection symbol used as an amulet against physical or mental dangers. Originally, this stave would have been incised onto the front of a warrior's helmet, or drawn upon his forehead, to confront his adversaries fearlessly. The exceptional quality of this piece will complete your look! A 35mm diameter pew…
Alchoboros Pendant Alchoboros Pendant
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From the classical Greek henosis, the Platonic belief in mystical 'unity' or 'oneness', and Omega, the last letter of the alphabet meaning "great O", denoting the end. Could this symbolise the greatest oxymoron, the end of eternity? An ouroboros for the dark soul within you. A pewter ouroboros eternity ring pendant in the form of an 'alienesque' spined vertebrae with a skull. On a 21", (53cm), bla…
Anguis Aeternus Necklace Anguis Aeternus Necklace
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The Dragon of Eternity sustains the faceted vitrail crystal of life. An eye-catchingpiece that's sure to attract attention A pewter dragon pendant encircling a round, Swarovski, fractal light effect crystal. Made in the U.K. by Alchemy England.
Awaiting the Eventide Necklace Awaiting the Eventide Necklace
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A roosting vamp, silent and motionless, anticipates the dusk and the final vestige of light to be extinguished by the sunset - so the raptor may play... A roosting bat suspended upside-down, in cast and antiqued pewter. On a 21" (53cm) trace chain. Made in the U.K. by Alchemy England
Black Goddess Pendant Black Goddess Pendant
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The Triple Moon Goddess, with an oblique perspective. Two highly polished pewter adjacent crescent moons, (waxing and waining), set with Swarovski crystals, one above the other and separated by a blooming black rose, in resin. On 16" (41cm) trace chain, with 35mm extender chain and lobster claw fastener. Made in the U.K. by Alchemy England.
Blacksoul Necklace Blacksoul Necklace
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The black demon heart of a gothic seductress, nocturnally enticing her prey with ravishing enchantment. An enamelled black heart with horns, between the outstretched flying wings of a demon. A necklace upon a split trace chain 20" (50cm) overall plus a 1 ½" extender chain. Made in the U.K. by Alchemy England.
Crystal Pentagram Pendant Crystal Pentagram Pendant
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A small pewter pentagram pendant set with a single red Swarovski crystal, on an 18" (46cm) trace chain. Made in the U.K. by Alchemy England.
Dark Wolf Pewter Bracelet Dark Wolf Pewter Bracelet
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The ferocious power of this feral beast surges through your arm like a bolt from Thor. Make a powerful statement wearing this 'Dark Wolf wrist band! A 20mm wide black leather strap with steel buckle fastening, mounted with a pewter casting of a wolf's head in profile; adjustable in size up to 10" (26cm). Made in the U.K. by Alchemy England.
Darkling Bat Hair Slide Darkling Bat Hair Slide
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The classic vampiric bat swoops spreadeagled towards it's prey. An elegant gothic hair accessory with timeless appeal Pewter bat hair slide with standard spring steel hair clip. Made in the U.K. by Alchemy England.
Deadskull Droppers Deadskull Droppers
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A dispassionate reminder of the futility of our live's existence, the desiccated remains of a former human being. A pair of small pewter jawless skulls, suspended from the top on fine chain and stainless steel ear-wires Made in the U.K. by Alchemy England.
Devil Heart Hand Mirror Devil Heart Hand Mirror
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Saint or Sinner ? Love, dark passions, and lustful desires are akin to the rapturous reflection that sees all. A devilishly stunning hand mirror that will look simply divine in your boudoir. High quality resin hand finished in antique silver effect. Two sided hand mirror one of which is a magnifying mirror for close up reflections. Made in the U.K. by Alchemy England.
Dragon Consort Necklace Dragon Consort Necklace
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The duet of gracefully elegant mythical creatures formed in ancient times of the elements, ostentatiously display their lace-like wings en dansant. Add drama to any outfit with this dragon inspired statement necklace! A large, articulated necklace in the form of two symmetrically opposed wyrm-dragons, each with separately attached wings in bold tracery style. On a split trace chain 17" (43cm) over…
Dragon Heart Mirror Dragon Heart Mirror
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Born of brimstone and fire when the world was but a dream of the old gods. Destiny has compelled them to take flight, and seek out their one true eternal mate. A mystical symbol of love. This beautiful heart shaped dragon mirror can be free standing or hung upon a wall in your home. High quality resin hand finished in antique silver effect. Made in U.K. by Alchemy England.
Dragon Wand Dragon Wand
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Carved from the fire bone of Jormungandr, last of the Draco Mundi. Shown with magical pentagram seal on reverse. A cast resin decorative wand; hand painted and finished. Made in the U.K. by Alchemy England.
Dragons Lure Ear Wrap Dragons Lure Ear Wrap
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Like a whispering shoulder devil or a witch's familiar, this tortuous, personal miniature dragon, piercing through the ear lobe, tempts the wearer into acts of shameful depravity. An eye-catching ear stud that's sure to make an impact Faux-stretch piercing pewter dragon ear-wrap, with surgical steel ear-post. For the right ear. Made in the U.K. by Alchemy England.
Dream Catcher Hanging Decoration Dream Catcher Hanging Decoration
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Shimmer and shine in the light and catch your dreams at night. This stunning dream catcher Hanging decoration will beautifully compliment your pagan style. Pentagram Dream Catcher Hanging decoration/ Wind Spiral - Black colour. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Length: 69cm (27.17") Made in the U.K. by Alchemy England.
Empyrean Tear Earrings Empyrean Tear Earrings
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Tears of grief from the eye of God, shed for humanity as He looks down upon us from the Heavens. Dazzle in these stunning 'Swarovski' embellished droppers. Created in colours to compliment any of your beautiful Alchemy Necklaces or Chokers! A pair of pewter-mounted dropper earrings of clear Aurora Swarovski crystal tears. On surgical steel ear-wires. Made in the U.K. by Alchemy England.
Epiphany of St Corvus Pendant Epiphany of St Corvus Pendant
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The dove of peace and love conjoins with the raven of conflict and battle, harmonising in romantic redemption. The Irish Saint Columba pacifies Corvus, the Scandinavian warlord, ordaining eternal salvation - salutis aeternae. An articulated pewter necklace made of two flying ravens, one burnished pewter, the other black, and holding a separate framed and ribboned crystal heart made in two halves o…


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