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What is pendulum dowsing?

A pendulum is a weighted object usually a crystal or gemstone that is hung from a metal chain or pendant and is commonly used for divination and dowsing. Pendulums act as a transmitter and receiver of information from your higher guidance, angels and spirit guides by tapping into your intuition. Find out how you can use a pendulum to tap into your intuition.

What are Incense Sticks?

A useful guide exploring the history of incense sticks, what they are and how they are made.

pack of organic goodness lavender incense sticks

Singing Bowl Guide

Have you ever wondered where singing bowls come from, how they are made, or the roles they play in people’s lives?

Take a look at our singing bowl guide where we delve into this.

All about tie dye

Tie dye has been around for many years but this colourful trend has been popular for a while now and is still very much a trend in 2021. Find out more about this trend and how it is achieved in our tie dye guide.

All about crystals

Are you drawn to crystals but not sure how to use them? In this guide we look at what crystals are used for, how to select & program them, how they heal & the types of crystals available.

How to use magic spell candles

Magic spell candles are used to perform candle magic; one of the most simplest forms of spellcasting. Find out how you can use your magic candles to manifest what you desire.

Copper Bottle Benefits

In this guide we look at how drinking water from a copper water bottle could help improve your immune system.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

In this guid we are just looking at the benefits of having a salt lamp but we also look at where they originate from, how they are made and how they work.


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